Monday, July 14, 2008

The War on my Mid Section

Alternately titled:
"How My Mother-in-Law is Trying to Sabotage Me"

Um, yeah, so I'm just hangin' out these days and tryin' to lose a little weight. Have I mentioned my Mid Section to you all yet? It's out of control. Except for those days it's tucked safely into my Spanx, and on those days there's so much control I can only take sharp little breaths.
But I digress. So I'm just hangin' out trying to lose a little weight. I decide to take a little jaunt down the driveway and get the mail. Oh how fun, a package! I come inside, rip it open and this is what I find.....

For those of you wandering THIS IN ONLY THE BEST FUDGE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! I'm not the kind or girl that normally goes gaga over fudge, but this stuff is unreal. This is the kind of fudge that even if the house is on fire, the baby is oozing hippo size poopies out the side of her diaper, the boys are bringing dead bunnies in the house, or digging holes in the yard and peeing in them, you'll find me in my secret corner licking heavenly chocolate off my fingers singing a sweet little song about Joann's Fudge. It's THAT good....seriously.

My Mother-in-Law, also known as the otha' motha', is in Mackinac Island, MI this week and mailed this to us. Isn't she great?!?!?! Seriously though, thanks Janet and Bill!

Now about my mid section, hmmmm, I guess it will just have to wait until next week to begin the shrinking. Oh and if you know me in real life feel free to stop over for a bite, I'll share!


Karie said...

We got our package today too! One bar is already almost gone! So good!

Jen said...

I can see why Tiffany and Karen raved about your blog. You are too funny! I might have to get me some Spanx.

Erin said...

We got our package yesterday. We had our first taste tonight for snack....definitely to die for....I forgot how good this stuff is....I agree with the who war on my mid section though...I am right there with you :)

Tamara said...

I do not believe these blog entries "chasing", "exercise".
"war on mid section" whatever. My husband still thinks you are one of my top hottest friends!