Friday, March 11, 2011

One Year Ago

One year ago we watched the first half of the KU basketball team on the way to their 2000th win, then headed into the hospital at halftime. Seven hours later Margo Mae arrived. Our fourth baby, our second, sweet baby girl.

One year ago I was doing this...

And then we were doing this...

And then there was plenty of this...

And finally there was this...

I can't imagine our family without you Margo Mae. You're the cherry on top. Happy 1st birthday!

She's One!!

She's one! I can hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was smelling her fresh newborn skin. She still smells pretty sweet though. At one year she is crawling, laughing, eating great, grabbing at everything, and sleeping like there's not 3 other loud children in the house. We think she's pretty amazing.

Miss Margo is a pip squeak compared to our other children. She weighs only 19 pounds which is 7 pounds less than Calvin weighed at the same age! She is in the 50th percentile for her height and 20th percentile for her weight. I've never had a child go under 80% in height or weight. She's writing her own book folks!

Some fun facts about Margo:
* She loves to look under things. She'll crawl around the house and tip her head down so she can look at the bottom of the coffee table, under the kitchen cabinet ledges, under the beds.
* She loves to be outside! She has started crawling to the front door when the other kids go outside.
* She tries her hardest to crawl under my desk and turn off the blinking red light on my power strip.
* She loves her brothers and sister! The boys argue over who gets to get her out of her bed. They all know how to entertain her. Calvin is especially good at getting her to stop fussing.
* She is very social. Loves to be around people and doesn't mind lots going on around her. The more the merrier for Margo.
* Anytime she hears music she responds with dancing. Well, it's more of an abdominal pulsing move, but we call it dancing.

Happy birthday Margo Mae.
You are one loved little girl.