Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1st Day of School

I know you'd think after a 2 month blog hiatus that I'd come back with some sort of wrap up of the summer. But nope, I'm jumping right to the first day of school. I'll do some summer catch up eventually, but today I'm feeling awfully proud of my boys on their first day of school.

Aren't they handsome?

We changed schools this year. It was a big decision. As in BIG decision. Maybe the hardest we've had to make so far in this parenting journey. I think it took us the better part of 6 months to come to this decision. But we're very happy, and the boys are too.

They did so great this morning! They were both a little nervous, but neither cried (I'll revisit this topic of crying in a moment). They were both just very quiet. Even though they are the "new kids" in school, they both know several kids in their class so that helps a ton. Oh and when there are only 8 or 11 other kids in your class it's definitely easier to get to know people! This won't be the first time you hear me singing the praises of small class sizes.

This is Calvin's first year of all day school (1st grade). Here he is getting fist bumps from daddy.

So yeah, the crying. I did a lot of it once I left the parking lot. Man I love those boys. I take on every feeling they could possibly be experiencing and probably a few they're not. It's so hard to put them into the hands of someone else for 7 hours a day. A great friend came over to stay with our sleeping girls so that Tyler and I could take the boys to school without looking like a circus. Afterwards we went to Munchers because, well, there's not much a chocolate croissant can't fix.

Do you see that group of people in the background of the picture above? There were about 15 of them and not one looked to be under 75 years old. I'm sure they were looking at us wondering what we were doing and why I was crying. But I looked at them and thought, in no time at all I'll be there. Sitting with my friends drinking coffee, children grown. Part of that seems like a myth, sometimes I don't believe my children will ever leave the house. I'm looking forward to those years but wanting to milk the years I'm in for all they're worth.

I'm incredibly grateful today. Grateful that God has paved a way for us to change schools and grateful that He, ultimately, holds my children in His hands. Grateful for healthy, growing kids who bring me to the cross daily. And grateful for a wonderful husband to walk this road with.