Tuesday, January 30, 2007

pretty normal stuff

Well, I'm only a few days into this blogging thing and I'm already feeling the guilt because I've not posted recently. I guess I'm waiting for something profound to write about and it's just not happening. So I shall write about what's normal around here.

Brennan went to pre-school this morning. I really have no idea what he does there. He tells me very little of what goes on in the classroom. Of course I know what his teachers tell me, but I'd love to hear something from his point of view. Today he got to bring home the "surprise box". He will take it back on Thursday with a "surprise" inside it. We will write 3 clues on top and his friends will have to guess what's inside. When he got home he was having a tough time deciding whether to put his drum sticks or his tractor inside. The drum sticks didn't fit, so the tractor won. So here's the conversation we had about the "surprise box"....

Me: So Brennan what have some of your friends put in the surprise box?
B: tractors
Me: Oh really, did Aiden put a tractor in his box?
B: no, he put a sandwich in it (this is what B was eating at the time)
Me: really?
B: no, he put Calvin in the box (Cal was sitting across the table from us)
Me: You're being silly, tell me for real, what do others put in the box?
B: their toes

So, you see, this is the kind of info I get about school. I'm pretty sure he makes it all up. At least he's got an imagination.
Calvin and I stayed home and cleaned house this morning. Ever since selling our house a couple weeks ago I've been on a cleaning sabbatical. I was so sick of having to keep it clean and picked up just in case someone called for a showing. But at last, things were beginning to get pretty fowl. Although, I do have to say when you know you'll be moving out in 6 weeks it makes it awfully hard to clean thoroughly....oh well.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pictures from Marie and Brian's wedding

This picture cracks me up. There is no way we could have all planned to be pregnant at the same time (and believe me, 3 out of 5 were not planning!). But here we are, Brea (due in June), myself (due May 22), Julie (due May 14), Holly (due May 1) and Ginny had baby Liliana on Monday! I love it!
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more wedding pics

Grandpa Walt and Calvin. Cal is obviously thinking very serious thoughts.
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wedding pics

Here are a few pic's from Aunt Marie and Uncle Sully's wedding. Aren't they handsome in their tuxedos?
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it's about time

Well, I've finally done it. I've joined the world of blogging. I've long been a fan of blogs, but I've never taken the plunge myself. Writing is bittersweet for me. With a degree in Journalism, one would assume I enjoy writing, and I do. It's just that there's a lot of pressure that comes with that joy. First, I can not spell worth a darn. Second, I care way to much about what people think of me. So when I write, I'm always wondering how I'm being perceived. So by publishing my thoughts on this world wide web I am facing my fears. I will write and not care what people might think...gasp!! That is in theory of course.
No really, I'm starting this blog as a sort of journal for myself and for others who might care what happens in my home (at least I hope my mom will read it). A traditional "journal" hasn't been working well for me. If I sat on my comfy couch right now with a journal and pen I have no doubt I would fall asleep. So I'm better off sitting at an uncomfortable desk with plenty of distractions. I am married with 2 small boys and another baby on the way....sleep is my greatest temptation right now. So here goes nothin'...