Saturday, November 21, 2009

Uncanny Resemblance

****Did you read the hair mishap story? If not, scroll down one post and read first.****

Have you watched the show Glee? The first episode I saw my first thought was "this is all that is good and true in American TV". It was so great! All that singing and dancing was right up my alley. Well, now, several more episodes into the season they've gone a little to melodramatic for me. Now it's more about racy story lines that display teenagers in SUCH a bad light....uggg.

Can I stop for a moment and say how much I love Hulu? I haven't watched a TV show during it's actual showing time in years! Since we don't have cable (or satelite or dish or whatever else) we don't really have the need for Tivo. At least one night a week you can find Tyler and I on the couch with Hulu on the laptop, playing catchup. Love it.

Ok back to my story. So after the Mohawk Incident I brought Calvin home and the first thing out of Tyler's mouth was "he looks just like the kid on Glee!"

And so it seems he does.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Award Winning Momma

Yup, I'm going for the Mother Of The Year award here.

I've been buzzing my boy's heads for years now. Usually in the driveway or in the bathtub if it's cold outside. So this morning, just like I have many times before, I stripped Calvin down and stood him in the tub. Plugged the trimmers in, cleaned them off, and vroom, made a strip just right of center, down his head. OH MY WORD!!!!! I forgot to put a guard on!!!

I just stood there. I couldn't figure out whether to laugh or cry. After a few moments I chose laugh, it is after all just hair (and a 4 year old who doesn't know the difference between good hair and bad hair).

So here were the results.

My 2 choices were...
1. Go ahead and shave him bald
2. Offer a mohawk

As a sidenote let me say this. I'm not a fan of mohawks on children. It's one thing if the child really wants one and it's the kids idea. But when parents give their small child a mohawk it makes me think the child is just a pawn in the "I'm a Cool Parent" game. *stepping off soapbox now*

So Calvin chose a mohawk. Feeling I'd done enough harm at this point I loaded the kids in the car and went to someone slightly more professional than I. Thank you Super Cuts.

Here's the after.

It's a good thing this child of mine is so cute. Maybe that will make up for the fact that his mother is losing it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken over the weekend by our friend and amazing photographer, Mrs Mama. She put a sneak peak on her blog All Astonishment.

I am in LOVE with the pictures! She did such a great job. My kids don't sit still for much, especially pictures, and somehow she was able to capture them. I was kind-of in "the zone" during the photoshoot. You know that "zone" where your slightly frustrated with your kids but trying to be happy so that they don't get grumpy? You're stuck in your head wondering if they're looking at the camera, while keeping a smile on your face. Or trying to smile and look at the photographer while saying things like, "look at the camera, don't touch yourself there, take your finger out of your nose," to your kids. That zone.

But now that I know how good she is, next time I'll be able to relax and know that she's getting great shots!

So go check out our pictures and leave a comment for Mrs Mama, she's great!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I've reached the half-way point, 20 weeks. Here's what that looks like for me.

Yes, I know, I carry unusually high. I've carried all my babies exactly like this. I think it's because I'm very short waisted, but who knows. That whole "bellybutton pops out when it's cooked thing" is not true on baby #4. As you can see mine is popped and the baby is not done cooking! My bellybutton is permanently popped, thank you 10lb babies.

* I'm still teaching Jazzercise classes. This picture was taken last night before I went to teach. I feel really great and don't plan on switching to low intensity until things begin to hurt. The only thing that's getting a little tricky are abdominal routines on the floor. My classes will be seeing more and more standing Abs!

* We had a sonogram a couple weeks ago and everything looks great. We DID NOT find out the gender. There is absolutely nothing in the world like that surprise! I really feel like it's a girl though. I'm very close to settled on a girl name (Tyler's still pondering) but boys names have been elusive this time around!

*The boys throw out baby names all day long. Brennan saw something about the Mos Eisley Cantina (Star Wars) the other day and said "hey mom let's name the baby 'Can' like cantina". I appreciate the suggestions, so far they are nothing but suggestions though :)

* I really like being pregnant :)

* I've always been slightly worried that I wouldn't ever be ready to stop having babies. I love being pregnant, I love giving birth, I love newborns. Seriously! HOWEVER, I'm beginning to see the end in sight :) This pregnancy thing is hard on your body! That first pregnancy is just not the same as the forth. Taking care of the needs (mainly physical) of three others makes being pregnant that much harder.

* When I think of Mrs. Duggar (mother of 18, going on 19), my jaw drops. My belly button (and other unmentionables!) would give out LONG before 18 babies. How I would love to ask her pregnancy questions!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scented Markers

So this is what happens when you let your kids use scented markers.
He said it was cherry.

A funny conversation with Cal today....

He was invited to go to a birthday party this weekend. I told him that he wouldn't be able to go because we would be in Kansas City. He thought about it and asked if he could have a treat in Kansas City because all his friends would be having treats at the birthday party. I told him it sounded like the only reason he wanted to go to the party is so that he could have a treat. And he said "well of course that's the only reason I want to go to the party, she's a GIRL".

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Star Wars Gang and a Pizza Hut Delivery Guy

Memories from Halloween 2009:

* Yes, if you're very observant, you noticed the boys are wearing the same costumes as last year. This was their choice, not mine. I tried to get them to at least trade. Nope.
* Since this was probably the last year Charlie would not have an opinion on her costume, we made her be Yoda.
* The boys didn't think for a moment that since she was a girl she couldn't be Yoda. I love this. In their thinking, short person=Yoda.
* Our boys still don't like anything on their faces. They wore their masks for the pictures only.
* They still don't get the "quantity" part of Halloween. After about one block they were ready to come home and eat candy. Fine by me!
* This year we were at Aunt Lisa's in Kansas City for Halloween. She has a GREAT neighborhood for trick-or-treating. Lots of older couples who gushed over our kids and gave GREAT treats!
* Tyler dressed up as a Pizza Hut delivery guy. Funny because he used to be one! When we lived in TN and Tyler played music full time, delivering pizza's paid a lot of bills. Towards the end of the night I asked him to go change clothes, it was bringing back a mixed bag of feelings {grin}.

Now that we're done with Halloween, bring on the good Holidays!!