Friday, April 20, 2007

Wow, it's been awhile!

Sorry about the update drought. Life got a little crazy and I'm not about to pick up where I left off. So here's the latest....

I had a sonogram yesterday and get this......the baby is already 8 pounds!! No wonder I look and feel the way I do. If I were to go full term (4 more weeks) the baby would probably be at least 12 pounds. No one, especialy me, is going to let that happen. When I see my Dr on Monday we'll probably set an induction date about 2 weeks from now. The hardest part of this decision is that Brennan's birthday is May 1st and I'd like as much space in between as possible. I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday as I left the Dr. I'm obviously scared about having a 12 pound baby but I also realized I'm not ready for the baby to come early. So we went into panic mode last night and we're trying to get everything ready. I think I've been a little too laid back about this baby...time to get to work!
I've posted a few pictures of my belly. Beware, they may scare small children! I don't think my skin can stretch any further. Most of the day I feel like I'm about to fall over forward.
We took the boys to get their hair cut this morning. I've never thought they looked that much alike, but now I think they do. Calvin's hair cut made him look about 10 pounds thinner, which of course makes him look older. He's starting to loose the baby chub. Enjoy!