Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cal Turns 4

People have thought Cal was 4 for about 2 years now. But now it's official. Actually it was official 1 week ago today, but I'm a bad blogger. We've already established that haven't we?

Let's start at the beginning. (maybe not the VERY beginning, that would be a little embarrassing now, wouldn't it?)

Here I am feeling all giddy BEFORE pushing out all 10 pounds of him.

Here he is staring at his momma.

And here he is on his 4th birthday pulling Spiderman off the top of his cupcake.

I swear, that's how fast it has gone. I remember the day he was born so well. I remember listening to Chris Tomlin's "How Great is Our God" on the way to the hospital. I remember going through the Starbucks drive-thru so Tyler could get some coffee. I remember feeling so calm until I got to 8cm's. I remember thinking "this one has to bigger than my first!!". I remember the Dr telling me the baby had turned posterior. I remember crying for the epidural I really thought I wouldn't need. Ironically I don't remember the head, but oh how I remember the shoulders.....I remember Tyler pulling him from my body and the tears running down his cheeks.

I remember the sweet cleft in his chin and how we told everyone he had a John Travolta chin. I remember eating a hamburger and milkshake. I remember his grandma and his aunt holding him and crying.

I remember Brennan coming to the hospital to meet him the first time. I remember Brennan walking right over to the bassinet and peering over the edge. I remember the rush of hormones and the endless tears. I remember thinking "how in the world will I manage?". I remember realizing the cleft in his chin came from his great-grandfather who passed away only months before Calvin was born.

I remember every minute. And yet, somehow, 4 years has passed. Some of the days have been endless, but the years are gone.

I love you Calvin Samuel. I thank God for the gift he has given me in you. It is such a joy to be your momma.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I HAVE A COMPUTER AGAIN! For those who didn't hear me, let me repeat, I HAVE A COMPUTER AGAIN! Remember my sob story about having our computer stolen at Christmas time? Yes, very, very sad. But, praise the LORD for insurance!

We lost about 2.5 years worth of pictures, but it could have been worse. Tyler spent this week uploading the pictures that we did have backed up onto our NEW iMac (she's very pretty, by the way). So I've been taking a long, leisurely, walk down memory lane this week, looking at lots of old pictures. Would you like to join me?

Here is a very cute Calvin eating an ice cream sandwich outside. He had THE BEST baby hair.

This is Halloween 2006. Yes, I dressed B as Interstate 70. Clever, huh? The days of me picking out their Halloween costumes are long gone. FYI...about 30 min after this picture was taken, Calvin threw up all over our neighbors entry way.

Gratuitous, cute children in leaves, picture. But they are cute, aren't they?!?!

This is Tyler and I in Hawaii. He just finished his first (and only) marathon. I had just run a 10k. I was about 18 weeks pregnant with Charlotte.

I'm pretty sure Brennan had something to do with Calvin being in this position.

Just keepin' it real...the jeans in this picture no longer fit.

This is Brennan drinking Gatorade. OH MY HINEY, if only I would have known what that awful stuff was doing to his body!

Here is Tyler back in his Rock Star days. He's behind the drums playing for a crowd of about 5,000.

Well, thanks for joining me on my little walk. I'm impressed if you made it all the way to this point. Now, because I can't stand posting all these pictures without even one of Charlie, I'll add one more. This is our computer desk. She's sitting where the CPU should go. But since we are a MAC family we don't have no stinkin' CPU!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I stepped in pee today (again). What is it with little boys and their lack of aim?

What's scary is that our bathrooms used to have carpet and I never noticed the drips and puddles...gross, I know.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I really should post something.....

Maybe it's February. Maybe it's the grey weather. But I'm not feeling so inspired to write here on this little ol' blog of mine. But I know my sister keeps checking and is sick of seeing my rant on being in my 30's. So, to oblige Whitney, here are some very random thoughts that will have to make do as a "post".

I made roasted brussels sprouts for dinner tonight. They were so good, but man, my house STINKS now. And yes it's brussels with an s on the end, I had no idea until I just spell checked it.

Calvin (3) is completely obsessed with the movie Free Willy 2 right now. Tyler took the boys to the library to check out (free!) movies last week and he's watched it every day since. Yes, sometimes we check out actual books at the library too.

I'm doing Weight Watchers and working out at least 4 days a week and I've lost 6 pounds so far (3 weeks). There's a post brewing on that, but it may take awhile to make it's way to a screen near you.

I really want a glass of wine right now but I've used all my WW points for the

And now I'll leave you with a funny/random Calvin story...
We were in the car today, on our way to Target.
Me: shoot!
Calvin: what mom?
Me: I forgot something.
Calvin: Did you forget to get us a hotel?

Yup, that's my sweet Cowboy. Random as can be.