Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last night the kids were eating cheese sticks on the couch just before bedtime. In keeping with the theme, everything in life is a competition, Calvin finishes his cheese and says in a sing-song voice, "I'm done first". And then Brennan promptly responded with "you know Calvin, the first shall be last and the last shall be first." I'm not sure if Calvin was impressed with Brennan's (inaccurate) command of scripture or if he really believed him, but the argument stopped right there. I just sat and stared not wanting to mess up the moment.

That's when I decided that even when my children take scripture WAY out of context it's so nice to hear the Word of God come from their mouths. Seriously, I think I heard trumpets in the distance. Does this mean they are listening to us? Surely not.

At a later date I'm sure we'll discuss the actual meaning of that verse in Matthew 19. But for now I think I'll enjoy my kids using scripture to set each other straight.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tooth Fairy, that's me

So I'm getting ready to go do the Tooth Fairy thing.

The boys have been asleep for an hour now, but I'm waiting to make sure they're sleeping deeply before I stick my hand under a pillow and replace a tooth with coins.

Brennan lost his 3rd tooth today. He was very excited. He wanted to invite his cousin, Jaydon, over to see it.

Do you do the Tooth Fairy thing?

Why do I do this?

I think Calvin (4) is nervous about the whole thing (they share a room, bunkbeds). He asked "why does she come in the middle of the night?" and "can I sleep in bed with you?" Poor guy.

We do Santa (but I'm getting close to blowing his cover. The questions are getting complicated). We don't do the Easter Bunny. I can't figure out why I do the tooth fairy.

Maybe Charlie will be fascinated by Fairies and it will become more fun. Brennan is only interested in the coins.

So tell me, does the Tooth Fairy come to your house? And if so, why?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh yes, my blog

Hey there!  Yes, I did forget I had a blog.  Thank you for asking.  I'm not going to attemp to "catch up".  In fact the feeling that I need to "catch up" is, in fact, the reason it's been so long since I've posted.  So I'm sitting down tonight with the goal of posting SOMETHING, that's all.  

Did you forget what my kids looked like?  Well, here they are...

Since my last post we've had 2 birthday's. So they are 2, 4, and 6 years old. And no, we did NOT plan it that way.

It's been awhile since we've had a family picture that did not include a very postpartum me. So I was happy to get a good one at Easter. I made the boys keep their "church clothes" on after church until we got to Grandma's house. You'd have thought I was ripping their toenails off. But I really wanted a picture to prove they have khaki pants! Once the picture had been taken it took them .5 seconds to change into their "basketball clothes".

We're doing a little remodeling in our house. I promise to post pictures soon (hee hee, no really). We, and by we I mean Tyler, ripped out some cabinets and a countertop in our kitchen. Above where the counter had been was a cork board. The woman who lived in the house before us, Irene, probably had quite a few things tacked up on her cork board. Important notes, coupons, telephone numbers. You know, important stuff. She probably got really miffed when things disappeared from her cork board too. She may have even turned the house upside down looking for those things. Well Irene, little did you know that there was the slightest gap between the counter and the wall just under that cork board. And when we took out the countertop we found all that important stuff you thought was lost forever! All of them about 30 years old, slightly yellowed and very humorous to us. Here's an add for a pizza place in town.

Can you imagine getting a Large Pizza for just $3.99? Mine would have Sausage, green pepper, onion, mushroom, and black olives on it. What would you put on yours?

OK, that's it. Riveting, I know. But I've met my goal. I posted SOMETHING and that's better than nothing.