Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tooth Fairy, that's me

So I'm getting ready to go do the Tooth Fairy thing.

The boys have been asleep for an hour now, but I'm waiting to make sure they're sleeping deeply before I stick my hand under a pillow and replace a tooth with coins.

Brennan lost his 3rd tooth today. He was very excited. He wanted to invite his cousin, Jaydon, over to see it.

Do you do the Tooth Fairy thing?

Why do I do this?

I think Calvin (4) is nervous about the whole thing (they share a room, bunkbeds). He asked "why does she come in the middle of the night?" and "can I sleep in bed with you?" Poor guy.

We do Santa (but I'm getting close to blowing his cover. The questions are getting complicated). We don't do the Easter Bunny. I can't figure out why I do the tooth fairy.

Maybe Charlie will be fascinated by Fairies and it will become more fun. Brennan is only interested in the coins.

So tell me, does the Tooth Fairy come to your house? And if so, why?


Leslee Dummermuth said...

She does, but we don't make a big deal about it. When we are asked questions we just shrug our shoulders allowing them to enjoy the mystery without blatantly lying to them. We are this way about Santa and the Easter Bunny too. Works pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lins,

Great pics. I had missed your blog, but knew that you were busy LIVING the important instead of blogging about it.

I was way into the tooth fairy when I was a kid, or maybe just teeth in general. I think it was celebrated because we lost and gained something at the same time--no I am not just talking about the money. The loss of the baby tooth meant a big tooth was coming. I think you are celebrating their childhood and their milestones of growth. Plus with their uncle a dentist, teeth are kind of a big deal in the family:)

Maybe next time the tooth fairy can leave Cal a special note like "You have beautiful teeth" or leave a fun toothbrush so he is not so nervous about the fairy!


Katharine said...

Yes we do the tooth fairy. On occasion, when I have been so tired, I fall asleep before I'm convinced he's deeply sleeping, and so I've missed it. had to slip the coin in the next morning when I'm pretending to hug him with my arm under the pillow! Oh well...

Jack told me, "I know who the tooth fairy is. She's a SPIRIT!" Talk about confused!!!