Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day... my daddy. I have so much in my life to be thankful for. You're definitely at the top of that list. I'm beyond blessed to have you as my daddy.
Unfortunately it seems we don't have very many recent pictures together (we'll fix this next week). But I found several of you and your grandkids. Which is fitting because you're also an amazing PaPa.
Thanks, Daddy, for everything and once again I'm sorry for all the eye rolling.

(Papa Jim and Margo)

(Papa with grandkids)
(reading to Brennan)

(With me and a little Calvin)

(with Grandma and Margo)
I love you daddy!

An Ode to My Children's Daddy

It stinks that you have to be gone on Father's Day! But we're celebrating you today and we'll celebrate more when you get home. Our kids have no idea how blessed they are to have you, but I do. You are an amazing father. I'd be completely sunk without you in this parenting gig.
You make "runny" eggs for breakfast, you mow the lawn with "helpers" even though it takes twice as long, you pick the boys up from school, you know their schedules (almost) as well as I do, you read books in funny voices but best of all you point them to Christ. Again and again and again. For that I am so very thankful.

I asked all the kiddos some questions about daddy today. Here are their answers, unedited.

What is your favorite thing about your dad?
Brennan: his hair
Calvin: he's funny
Charlotte: I like his shirt
margo: dadadada

What is your favorite thing to do with your dad?
Brennan: go to the driving range
Calvin: go to the driging range
Charlotte: play games
Margo: babababa

How old is your dad?
Brennan: 34
Calvin: 24
Charlotte: 8 25 30
Margo: mamamamama

What is your favorite thing that your dad does for you?
Brennan: takes us to the gas station for special drinks
Calvin: he says 'yes' when I want to play games
Charlotte: makes cookies and plays house
margo: dadadada

What is your dads favorite food?
Brennan: fish
Calvin: pasta
Charlotte: lasagna
Margo: babababa

What does your dad like to do when he's by himself?
Brennan: read a book
Calvin: work on the computer
Charlotte: play games by himself
Margo: mamamamama

If you could say anything to dad right now, what would you say?
Brennan: hi dad
Calvin: how was your trip?
Charlotte: hi
Margo: dadadadada

If daddy was here for Father's Day what would you do for him?
Brennan: make him a card, wish him happy father's day and make him lunch
Calvin: give him 1 coin, $2, 1 nickel, 5 cents
Charlotte: make him a craft
Margo: babababab

What does your dad do for you that is special to you?
Brennan: he takes me to the church with him
Calvin: reads the bible to me
Charlotte: he makes me breakfast
Margo: mamamamama

Below is a picture of you with each of our children. They may seem random, but they're not. They are all moments that tell what a great dad you are. You'll remember the settings, I'll stop shy of telling the world about the moments.

(Daddy and Brennan)

(daddy with Calvin)

(daddy with Charlotte)

(daddy with Margo, her expression here is by no means a reflection of you)
Happy Father's Day to the best of the best!