Saturday, December 7, 2013

He's Just 8

This is Calvin and one of his best buddies.

Calvin is a very tall 8 year old. Taller actually than all the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in his school. He thinks it's great! We had our first experience with some disgruntled parents (from the opposing team) at his basketball game the other day. They were sitting behind us and complaining about the kid who "was probably 13 and his parents held him back so he'd be the tallest player on his team". I froze and didn't say anything at all. But if I could do it again I'd turn and politely say "nope, that's my sweet son and he's just 8. If you look closely you'll still see baby cheeks."  Maybe we'll need to start carrying his birth certificate with us. 


These two dressed alike the other day for school. They thought it was so funny when they came out for breakfast and realized they basically had the same outfit. Because they wear uniforms it's not unusual for the boys to do this. But pretty unusual for Charlotte who has a wider array of uniform clothes.