Monday, December 21, 2009


I got to come home this afternoon. Yeah!

The quiet hospital was nice for a few hours and then it got old.
Before I left I got one more shot of steroids for the babe. This specific shot is HUGE and goes in the booty and hurts like nobody's business.
After that I really wanted to go home.
I'm glad we don't have cable TV at home. I would watch way to much TV.
I'm still having contractions, but I'm not dialating.
I see my doctor again tomorrow.
No more teaching Jazzercise (for at least 2 weeks).
I will go through workout withdrawl.
I'm more worried about my mental state than my body.
Working out is really good for my mind.
I'm supposed to be on moderate bed rest.
Meaning more rest than activity.
My husband is so incredibly great.
He already shares so much of the kids/home responsibilities and has no problem picking up the slack.
As I listened to him refereeing the boys fighting in the tub tonight while Charlotte fussed and fussed, I did think though, am I really supposed to just sit here?
Then the guilt really sets in.
He is really wonderful, I am beyond blessed by him.
This is really an OK week for all this to happen.
Tyler's work schedule is minimal and flexible.
We'll be with lots of Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunts who are all very helpful.
I'm not hosting anyone at our house and don't have to cook (although I was planning on helping out).
I had lots of cooking and baking on my list for the week.
I decided to choose one thing to bake and say no to everything else.
I choose PW's cinnamon rolls.
Have you tried them?
You would have chosen them too.
I'm off to find a comfy place on the floor to wrap some presents.
Thanks for all your kind notes and offers of help.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pre-Term Labor?

Well, I'm hanging out in the hospital tonight. Blah.

I am 26 weeks and 1 day pregnant.
I've had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions during the last few weeks.
Yesterday they were plentiful, but not painful.
I noticed many contractions during a dinner party at my mom's last night.
Once I got into bed last night they began to be very consistent.
From 12:30 am until about 4:00 am they were every 2-4 minutes.
No pain, no cramping, no bloody show, nothing. Just consistent contractions. Finally I fell asleep.
They began again around 9:30 this morning.
I came into the hospital at 11:30 this morning.
My sister brought me as Tyler was in the middle of leading worship for 2nd service :)
I AM NOT DILATED! Praise the Lord.
My Fetal Fibronectin Test did come back positive.
I am on medication to stop the contractions.
I am on steroids to boost the babies lungs, just in case.
I am on IV antibiotics in case I have an infection that might be causing the contractions.
The meds to stop the contraction work for about 3 hours, then I start up again.
This is strange.
I have so many fluids in me I feel like I could pop.
I love the hospital ice.
I love the hospital bathtub. I didn't have to clean it before getting in.
The only thing missing was a glass of wine.
If I progress at all they will whisk me away to Kansas City.
Apparently they don't like 26 week old babies at this hospital.
I have great peace.
God is on the throne ruling and reigning.
Christ is at His right hand interceding for me.
The Holy Spirit is at work in me.

**If you read this, please leave a comment. I'm very bored and would like something to read.**

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Look Alikes

You might have seen this post on Calvin's look-alike. Well, this household doesn't stop there. Brennan lost his top front tooth last week (the other front one is about to go too) and we think he looks like Cole Aldrich!!

If you don't know Cole, you must not follow KU Basketball. He got his front tooth knocked out playing basketball. He was on the front page of our paper this week and the resemblance is quite remarkable!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We're Gonna Be Late

For years now I've been using some rendition of the words "Hurry up kids, we're gonna be late". I really enjoy being on time, or even a couple minutes early, so having kids has really cramped my style.

"Hustle up, we're gonna be late."
"Go, Go, Go, we're gonna be late."
"Let's move kids, we're gonna be late."
"Get your booty in the car, we're gonna be late."
"Honey could you please move a little faster, we're gonna be late."

They all mean the same thing. Mom doesn't want to be late!

Calvin is my quintessential pokey little puppy. His head is usually somewhere in the clouds, making him move especially slow. He is often the receiver of my encouraging "hurry up" words. Today, headed to preschool, I said to Calvin "hurry and buckle Cal, we're going to be late".

He looked at me and kindly asked "mom, what does late mean?"

Talk about wasted words all these years!
So, the question is, now that he knows the meaning of the word "late" do you think he'll move any faster?
Hmmmm, I think not.