Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Look Alikes

You might have seen this post on Calvin's look-alike. Well, this household doesn't stop there. Brennan lost his top front tooth last week (the other front one is about to go too) and we think he looks like Cole Aldrich!!

If you don't know Cole, you must not follow KU Basketball. He got his front tooth knocked out playing basketball. He was on the front page of our paper this week and the resemblance is quite remarkable!


Katie Brown said...

Love it! Miss you guys! We watched the game on Sunday and I thought that Cole's mouth looked weird, but I didn't know that he had lost a tooth! I guess I don't follow it too closely!

Katey said...

ok I agree.... he does look just like Cole! and B look's sooooo CUTE with his teeth gone! I love it! = )