Monday, December 21, 2009


I got to come home this afternoon. Yeah!

The quiet hospital was nice for a few hours and then it got old.
Before I left I got one more shot of steroids for the babe. This specific shot is HUGE and goes in the booty and hurts like nobody's business.
After that I really wanted to go home.
I'm glad we don't have cable TV at home. I would watch way to much TV.
I'm still having contractions, but I'm not dialating.
I see my doctor again tomorrow.
No more teaching Jazzercise (for at least 2 weeks).
I will go through workout withdrawl.
I'm more worried about my mental state than my body.
Working out is really good for my mind.
I'm supposed to be on moderate bed rest.
Meaning more rest than activity.
My husband is so incredibly great.
He already shares so much of the kids/home responsibilities and has no problem picking up the slack.
As I listened to him refereeing the boys fighting in the tub tonight while Charlotte fussed and fussed, I did think though, am I really supposed to just sit here?
Then the guilt really sets in.
He is really wonderful, I am beyond blessed by him.
This is really an OK week for all this to happen.
Tyler's work schedule is minimal and flexible.
We'll be with lots of Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunts who are all very helpful.
I'm not hosting anyone at our house and don't have to cook (although I was planning on helping out).
I had lots of cooking and baking on my list for the week.
I decided to choose one thing to bake and say no to everything else.
I choose PW's cinnamon rolls.
Have you tried them?
You would have chosen them too.
I'm off to find a comfy place on the floor to wrap some presents.
Thanks for all your kind notes and offers of help.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are home! Take it easy...still in our prayers! Love you and excited to see long as you can still come!

Rebecca said...

Aw! Paul, Meaghan, and Austen were at church on Sunday and I was looking for you! Well, good to know you're back at home and resting. I haven't worked out in a week and a half and I already feel like a slob. :)

Be thankful you had internet! I was in there last fall and they hadn't hooked the wireless up for patients yet, so I had to sit in my room and stare at the TV forever. SOOOOOO boring and lonely.

And... if you're feeling up to it next week, or this week really, I'd like to see you to say a formal goodbye! We already did Christmas with my family so I really am free until New Year's. Let me know. You're awesome!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your update and praying for you all and the baby. Say hi to the fam!! Iam in St. Louis, but can help out in January. I am hoping to sign up for Jazzercise then:)Nancy

Anonymous said...

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