Friday, September 2, 2011

1st Day of School, Take 2

I'm not done with the back to school posts yet! Not to be outdone by her big brothers, Charlotte had her 1st day of preschool yesterday. She's going to The Giving Tree 3 afternoons a week. It's the same preschool Calvin went to so she's very familiar. She always went with us to drop off and pick up Calvin so the teachers already know her. She was so excited about having Ms. Kathy and Ms. Donna.

In an exuberant act of 4 year old independence she did NOT want to have her picture taken. This sweet girl can sure stand her ground!

Margo didn't mind having her picture taken!

I stole a shot at a stoplight on the way to school.

I also stole one during "circle time". Despite the very serious look on her face she was very excited for school. This may be her reaction to Ms. Kathy's "singing" :)

Charlotte seems so much older than the boys did when they started preschool. The differences in boys and girls astound me. When the boys went to preschool my highest hopes were that they would learn to sit in a circle and listen. But with Charlotte I think she might even learn letters and numbers! She will love the learning, the creating and the time with friends. As a third child, I'm really excited for her to experience her "own" thing.