Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken over the weekend by our friend and amazing photographer, Mrs Mama. She put a sneak peak on her blog All Astonishment.

I am in LOVE with the pictures! She did such a great job. My kids don't sit still for much, especially pictures, and somehow she was able to capture them. I was kind-of in "the zone" during the photoshoot. You know that "zone" where your slightly frustrated with your kids but trying to be happy so that they don't get grumpy? You're stuck in your head wondering if they're looking at the camera, while keeping a smile on your face. Or trying to smile and look at the photographer while saying things like, "look at the camera, don't touch yourself there, take your finger out of your nose," to your kids. That zone.

But now that I know how good she is, next time I'll be able to relax and know that she's getting great shots!

So go check out our pictures and leave a comment for Mrs Mama, she's great!


MrsMama said...

Aw Lindsay. You are incredibly kind! And sweet to say stuff like that.

Your kids did great. And it was fun spending time with your family. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay.
Of course the pics look great and I am putting my order in for one now. I love how you all are color coordinated with the backdrop of the garage door!