Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pictures from Marie and Brian's wedding

This picture cracks me up. There is no way we could have all planned to be pregnant at the same time (and believe me, 3 out of 5 were not planning!). But here we are, Brea (due in June), myself (due May 22), Julie (due May 14), Holly (due May 1) and Ginny had baby Liliana on Monday! I love it!
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Anonymous said...

How funny to really look at that picture. At first I thought "wow is that me" then i quickly realized it was! I have now fully embrassed the big tummy and actually love being pregnent, never thought i would be saying that.

Thanks for sharing Lins


Deana said...

Hi Lin! So good to hear from you and "see" you! Ha! I did not know you were expecting your third in May! How exciting! Did you find out the sex of this baby? (fingers crossed for a girl!). Anyhow, hope you are doing well. I do not blog but I do enjoy keeping up with friends through theirs. Take care!


Lindsay said...

That's a good spot to get to. You might as well embrace it b/c it's not changing anytime soon! lins