Friday, July 18, 2008

Various Bellies

I seem to be mentioning My Mid Section on this blog quite frequently. So I thought I'd let you SEE how it is that I lost all control over it.

A few notes to begin with....

* These images are not appropriate for children
* If you are newly pregnant with you first child, stop here, do not, I repeat, do not look at these pictures
* I may be a tall woman, but I am all legs, I have a very short torso. Which, as you will see means my belly must stretch WAY out.
* I have very large babies (thank you Tyler).
baby #1 9lb 12 oz
baby #2 10lb 1oz
baby #3 8lb 12 oz (but she was 3 weeks early)

Ok, are you ready? I'm not kidding, prepare yourself for THE BELLY.


Belly #1
I'm to lazy to scan a picture in and there's not one on my computer

Belly #2

Belly #3

(if you're brave enough enlarge this puppy and take a look)

And to this I say...this body was "fearfully and wonderfully made".


Anonymous said...

So funny! I love the pictures.

Leslee Dummermuth said...

Okay, so please tell me you are not completely lacking in stretch marks!

Remember the days when we didn't have to tuck our bellies into our pants? Seems like it was all a dream...

I feel your pain.

Lindsay said...

oh no, they're there!

Sherri Lavender said...

That's looking really familiar - only I think mine is even lower!

Tamara said...

My favorite part is B's face in the background! ...Even he looks shocked!

April said...

Lindsay! That looks like someone slid a basketball under your skin!

I never got pregnant in my belly it was all in my's still all in my rear.

No, I'm not posting pictures of my pregnant butt.

Sandy Littrell said...

I always thought you are one of the cutest people I know --especially pregnant! I get it everywhere! I only wish it were all in my belly.. but I know we all want something that we don't have. :) I don't want bigger babies though... by the way, we are due with baby #5 in Dec. Agghh!

Randi Bond said...

I am pregnant with my first, and because you said not to look, I had to. I am now at working sitting at my desk in tears. Tears of fear!!! Thanks for posting, and thanks for the warning, even though I took it as a meer suggestion!!!