Wednesday, July 2, 2008


If I hear one more skinny person tell me that their "exercise" is chasing after their small children...I'm going to scream!

Believe me, I'm chasing, and the pounds are going nowhere. In fact they seem to have held a meeting and decided to begin recruiting new members. It's like a sorority in my mid section. The Alpha Sparea Tireo's.


Tiffany Donohoe said...

Hi Lindsay! Randomly googling my friends (am I the only weird person out there that does this sometimes?)and got to your blog and so glad I did! I'm laughing out loud at this entry! A sorority- so good! I think it is called- hitting your 30s! I just think metabolism really slows down, darn it! I noticed it after I stopped nursing Ty. Your previous entry about you and Tyler's in house date makes me miss Chad! I need to go pick up some good red wine for our rendezvous! Any suggestions? Hoping to hook up with you all this next week- we need it!


Leslee Dummermuth said...

I feel your pain. I just hit a milestone though...more than 15 months without getting pregnant. First time in our marriage I can say that! Now the weight will just fall off, right? Forget it...I already know the answer to that.

Ann said...

That is so hilarious! That ranks right up there with, "Are they all yours? Five boys?" (as if one might actually be a girl.)