Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hear ye, Hear ye....

I would like to announce to the blogosphere that I no longer have any guilt over feeding my kids copious amounts of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Ya know why? Because they have no preservatives, additives or food coloring (as long as you use Ghirardelli chocolate chips).

Last week I would have been taken aback by the amount of fat and sugar in these cookies. I would have thought to myself "Self, should I be feeding these delightful cookies to my kids? What if they become obese sitting right here on their cute little bottoms?"

But oh no, not this week. You see, this week, I have seen the light. This week I see that it's all the preservatives, additives and food coloring that are actually worse for our kids.

But of course next week I will once again be swayed by whatever magazine lands in my mailbox and it'll be flaxseed that will be deemed bad for my kids.

All joking aside, these are difficult waters to navigate. Do you struggle with this?

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April said...

My latest battle is with corn syrup. I watched how it's made and you can't touch it while it's being processed....because of the TOXINS!!! So, now I'm trying to avoid it and it is very very very very hard.