Thursday, July 3, 2008


I'd forgotten how much I enjoy exercising outside. When I gave birth to my third baby I knew lots of things were going to change, my waistline, the size of our car, the amount of colorful plastic on the living room floor. I did not, however, give much thought to how it might change my workout routine. You see, I used to be a devout power walker (I use the term "power" lightly, I've seen those serious power walker races...I don't look like that). I loved to go for walks, even if it meant pushing a double jogging stroller. When the boys were 1 and 3 it was our morning "activity". They had snack time in the stroller and I got my exercise. Well, I don't have a triple stroller and even if I did there's no way I could push 125lbs worth of kids. Even with my eldest on his bike, it wouldn't really be considered exercise.

This morning, while Tyler stayed with the kids, I went for a jog/walk all by myself. Just me, Jesus, and the ipod. Listening to great music, praying and watching God's creation, it is a powerful worship experience for me.

These days my best form of exercise is Jazzercise. They've got childcare and it's an intense workout to great music. I do however miss the worshipful feel of my long ago walks!

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