Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rather Random Ramblings

Here's a hodgepodge post if I've ever seen one.

* Upon leaving the house this morning for school Brennan turned around in the driveway and said "make sure and tell Margo I love her when she wakes up." I died. Right there. In the doorway. In my jammies.

* Recently I've had a horrible time waking up in the mornings. HORRIBLE TIME. Ideally, I like to get up 45 minutes before the kids start moving in the mornings. Let's just say my snooze button has been getting a lot of action lately. This morning my alarm was playing Tender Tennessee Christmas by Amy Grant (love this song). I turned the volume down so that Amy wasn't screaming at me and thought surely this will get me out of bed. And then promptly fell back asleep.

* We had a really wonderful Thanksgiving. How was yours? We had a full 4 days of celebrating and eating. We are beyond blessed and are so thankful for the many gifts in our lives.

* On Sunday we decorated our home for Christmas. When I was young decorating our house for Christmas was one of my very favorite days. Oh how I loved the transformation and the anticipation of Christmas. So it is such a joy to watch my kids love this day as well. They can barely contain their excitement. So I let them decorate the tree all by themselves and then once they're in bed, promptly go and rearrange all the ornaments {grin}.

*After we were done decorating Tyler set the timer on the camera and we took a family picture in front of the tree.

Are you kidding me? Every single eye is on the camera, everyone is smiling. It's a Christmas miracle! Too bad we're at the end of a long day, in mis-matched clothes, no makeup and dirty socks. Oh well, to be certain, this is life right now.

*So now it's your turn. Share a random thought from your day in the comment section!


Ashley McWhorter said...

I took a four year old and a two year old to the Mac store, by myself, to get my laptop worked on. I was SO proud of myself. It is the little things, people! HAHA!

Reba said...

And Margo is so excited in your picture! how cute! :)

My Thanksgiving was wonderful, as well, and I'm truly thankful for the "family" that the Lord has provided me with down here in Austin! So fun!

Sherri Lavender said...

Bram is becoming thoughtful about our next baby, due to arrive April 9th. When he hugs me now, he uses my left shoulder/neck area to cuddle in. He calls that "Bram's spot" and the right side is "Baby's spot". Wow! Heart=melted!

Clean and Classic Interiors said...

Have I told you lately how much you crack me up! I just love your stories and random ramblings! What a beautiful family!!