Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Can You Do One Handed?

I stumbled upon this picture in our photo library yesterday and it made me laugh out loud! You know how when you have a new baby in your house you learn how to do all sorts of things with just one hand? One arm cradling a baby and the other arm going about its normal life.

Well when we've had newborns in our house Tyler and I play a little game called "What Can You Do One Handed?" It's a friendly competition that may or may not have had us trying some really stupid things one handed.

So here's Tyler making coffee one evening with Margo. Note, he also had to grind to beans.

This was a particularly good one, although there are plenty that I don't have pictures of. Have you ever typed a research paper one handed? Opened a bottle of wine? Taken out the trash? Blow-dried your hair? Or how about gone to the bathroom one handed?


Ashley McWhorter said...

How about nurse and go to the bathroom all at the same time? Yep! Done it! :) Love this game! :)

Katie Brown said...

Wow! I forgot about that! I will let you know in a few months...I do remember nursing and going to the bathroom multiple times... :)

Katie said...

A cartwheel?

This post crack me up. What a picture.

Carolyn said...

I got nothing ... both hands were full.

Heather said...

Couldn't help but think of this post when I was helping my 2-year old use the toilet (we're potty training) while holding my 6 month old.

(btw, this is Heather Steen - maiden name from KU)