Thursday, December 16, 2010


Right now my kitchen counter is covered with dozens of sugar cookies. Half still awaiting a cover of icing. My coffee is hot, the babies are sleeping and I'm sitting down with tears in my eyes to write this. I am so moved in this moment by an amazing soundtrack to my afternoon. Actually, it's not the music it's the truth it contains, the true meaning of Christmas.

I'm thinking about Mary's labor of love in that stable.
What must it have been like on the cold ground of that stable?
What does it feel like when the baby in your womb is the maker of the moon?
I'm thinking about the redemptive plan for my life (and yours too).
I'm worshiping my deliverer who came to earth as a baby, yet he was God!

I'm listening to Andrew Peterson's album Behold The Lamb Of God.
Do yourself a favor and go HERE to buy this CD or download it. If you can't afford the whole thing or don't know that you'll like it, go to iTunes, search Andrew Peterson and download just one song, Labor Of Love. And then worship the One that came as a baby to be our deliverer.

(side note: do you do a Jesse Tree? In need of a lesson on the lineage of Christ? The song Matthew's Begats will help with both.)

Merry Christmas.


Karie said...

The first time I heard that song I was pregnant with Addison, sitting in church, watching my best friend (pregnant with twins) sing it. I was bawling my head's one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Angela said...

Love your post and your heart! :-)
Angela J

Tamara said...

You are a beautiful writer! My favorite is "What does it feel like when the baby in your womb is the maker of the moon?"...