Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Righteous, The Wicked, or the Princess

Our family is working on scripture memory together. We are participating, with our church, in learning Fighter Verses. We believe it is important to arm our children (and ourselves!) with God's word.
First let me say my kids are WAY better at memorizing scripture than I am.

Here's one of our recent scriptures:
"The wicked are not so, but are like chaff that the wind drives away." Psalm 1:4
(We were actually memorizing all of Psalm 1, so this was within the context of many verses. Otherwise this would be a strange scripture to memorize by itself :))

So the other day we were driving south of town and I saw a combine in a field chopping down some crop. I know, my knowledge of farming is outstanding. What caught my eye was the debris blowing out of the back of the combine. That debris is also called chaff! My momma radar went wild as I realized I had a teachable moment on my hands.

Tyler was driving so I turned around, at the risk of getting car sick, and talked about it with the kids. We talked about the chaff coming out of the back of the combine, and how the chaff was being blown away by the wind. We talked about how the wicked (those who do not believe in God) are blown away and are not held closely by God. The very Word of God being illustrated out the car window. Brilliance!

Then, a bit tongue in cheek, I asked the kids "Do you want to be like the Righteous Man or the Wicked Man?"
And Charlotte loudly proclaims "I want to be the princess".

Well then, we'll have to keep working on that one.


Kathryn O. said...

yes yes yes YES! I am soooo proud of her! quotes from the past:

Me: Charlotte you the princess because that's what all girls are...
ChaChar: oooooo (big wide eyes) you have GOOD ideas!
Calvin: if Chalotte is the princess then what am i?
Me: you and Brennan are both a prince
Brennan: then what is dad?

(... not quite, I had to tell him that mom's have to be the Queen thus starting our tradition of calling you both the King and Queen whenever you leave the house... it's fun) = )

Katie said...

Love it! Haha. What a wonderful teaching moment though.

Aunt Lisa said...

God gave you eyes to see such a moment. HE is amazing!!! Thank you for having such a willing, open heart to join the Lord in action and teach your kids the WORD! Would that I could be a Mom like you someday! Charlotte will ALWAYS be OUR princess!