Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Photos

The other night, after dinner, we let the boys take a few pictures with our camera.
Actually, here's the truth...
We had finished eating dinner. Tyler and I were trying to have a conversation and the kids were being too rowdy. So instead of finding a suitable activity for them, ahem, we said "sure, play with the camera". Does this ever happen in your house?

Here's what came of it.

Nope, I'm not eating Margo, just yawning.
"Hey Dad, do something funny!"
I love this one that Brennan took because these are probably his 3 favorite things in the world; Lego's, Margo and Dad

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thegirlwholovesplayingwithyourkidslike...awholelot said...

I love love love Margo's little "blank stare expression" it's my favorite! she looks exactly like Brennan... sort of... for reals... I love all of the pictures you post on your blog = ) they always make me smile! great post!