Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hey there blog world. It has been so long since I've posted, sorry! There's a reason, but I'll explain that in a minute.

We had a fabulous Christmas. By the looks of my house, we're not quite done yet. The gifts are still scattered and the Christmas decor is still up. Not sure when I'll get to that. We truly had 12 days of Christmas this year! We started at Gpa Walt and Gma Debs for Christmas Eve Eve, then back to our house for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, then on to Gigi's and Papa Pat's for Christmas day and Fri, then to Hutchinson for some time with Papa Jim and Nana Karen. Then we had a couple days to recoup at home before going to Gma Janet and Papa Skip's for New Years Eve and day....whew! It was exhausting but great. We are blessed with AMAZING family and love spending time with all of them. Calvin has asked several times in the last few days if we can have another birthday party for Jesus.

On a sad note, our car was broken into on Christmas night at my mom's house. Among several other things, they took our computer. Tyler's beloved 17in Mac Book Pro. So sad. The last 5 years of our life are on that thing. All the pictures, videos of our kids, Tyler's video projects and many, many more things. But the truth is, they are just that, THINGS. So that's my reason for my lack of posts. My computer time is limited to a few evening minutes when Tyler brings his work computer home. Thankfully insurance will cover much of what we lost.

I can't upload any Christmas pictures because our camera cords were stollen too (not the camera though!). So I'll do a Christmas in Feb post and upload them then.

If I could post pictures here's what they would be....
1. The kids on Christmas morning waiting at the end of the hallway until we let them run into the living room.

2. Brennan and Tyler working on Lego's together.

3. Charlotte holding her 25th anniversary Cabbage Patch baby (I got the first one 25 years ago when I was 6).

4. Charlotte walking around with a light saber strapped into her baby stroller.

5. Charlotte with chocolate smeared all over her face after eating the cookies Santa didn't finish.

6. Big, fat, yummy cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

7. All the kids sitting with Great-Grandma Ruth.

We are so thankful for Immanuel, God with us. Hope you all had a great Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! I missed this! See you Tomorrow.


Katharine said...

Oh no I had no idea. I thought you just had a car break down. I'm so sorry. I guess somoeone else out there needs Immanuel, too!

Ashley McWhorter said...

HI!!!! So great to hear from you! Your family is precious! I am so glad that the Christmas card found y'all! How is everything? Please tell Tyler we said hello, and we can't wait to keep in touch now!!! YAY!!!!!