Monday, January 26, 2009

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

I'm about to turn 31 in a mere 6 days. Aging doesn't really bother me too much, I had no problem turning 30. But now that I've had a year in my 30's I'd like to complain a little.




Seriously, is anyone out there with me on this? Is it the 3rd baby that did me in or is it an age thing? Yes, I realize I had 3 babies in 4 years and that they all happened to be gargantuan, but come on! After my first 2 babies I was shocked by the stretch marks and the lovely deflated balloon look my stomach took on. And yes, the herniated bellybutton was a bit of a shock at first. But by the time I became pregnant a third time I'd kind of gotten used to it. I had accepted the hand that had been dealt and maybe even embraced my cute little pug face belly. I also thought I'd be able to do something about it a few years down the road.

Well the 3rd baby came and man did she do a number on my belly. But I was so stinkin' glad to have a GIRL I didn't even notice the skin that could have been tucked into my pants. However, little miss Charlie girl is 20 months old now and I'm starting to see through the cloud of pink. Here I am at almost 31 and I'd like to put in a request for my original body. Or at least my original metabolism so that I could get that body back. I'm doing all the things I used to do to loose the weight and IT'S NOT WORKING.

I believe through and through that I am "fearfully and wonderfully made", but the fear part of that is making more and more sense to me these days.

OK, that's all for my whine session today, thanks for listening. I promise not to do it too often. Here's where you get to do a little whining yourself.... what has surprised you about aging?


Tamara said...

There is a cure for this...Just get pregnant again!! Than it will all stretch back to where it was. And people will say, "look at that georgeous belly!!" At least that is my plan. Only kidding Mike would freak!!

Rebecca said...

Ha - you make me really excited to have children someday. :)

As for aging, the most surprising thing is that I have the medical record of an 80-year old and am only 24. Do they give awards for being way advanced in years medically? If they did, I would totally take the cake.

Ann said...

This is so funny. Thanks for making me laugh. I try to remind the kids regularly how much i"ve given up for them. Just kidding. Hang in there- you're still gorgeous.

Katharine said...

Let's see --- age 35 = loss of all skin elasticity. Age 40 = hormonal onslaught, where one's body becomes one's ENEMY. I'm trying to learn to be friends with my body...

and yes, I'd like some cheese with my whine, which is part of my problem. I really like cheese, and all dairy... and it tastes better in my 40s! Yeah, all the pleasures get better with age, too!

Anonymous said...

Well lets see: loss of energy+ more weight=aging!
However, I don't like that I act old and my knees are starting to crackle. However, I do like the wisdom that I have achieved--or at least maybe now I have slowed down enough to listen. I still have your family's Christmas gift. It would be fun to see you all soon. Maybe after all of the celebrations. This is your golden birthday''turning 31 on the 31st! Enjoy! Are you going to Ingredients?

April said...


I call my herniated belly button my garage door.

Enjoy it all now sister.