Thursday, October 30, 2008

Garage Sale

I LOVE garage sales. Wanna know why? See all those toys in the picture below? They are GONE, as in NOT IN MY HOUSE ANYMORE. We also sold quite a bit of other stuff as well. I have friends who are very organized garage sale havers (I have no idea how else to say that, so I'll make up my own words). I, on the other hand, am not so organized when it comes to garage sales. Throughout the year I have a couple of boxes in the basement that I throw garage sale items into. The night before the garage sale (I'm not kidding) I haul it up to the garage and loosely categorize it. The morning of, we put it on make shift tables out on the driveway. And THEN people take our junk and give us money for it.

Yes I know, we could probably make more money if we were more organized, but I like low stress garage sales better than high profit garage sales.

Here's the secret reason I love garage sales. I really like to hang out in the driveway all morning long, for 2 days, with my family. The kids think it's great fun, I get to drink coffee all morning and not put makeup on, Tyler always goes out and gets donuts (although finding preservative free donuts this year was tricky). We do this every fall and seriously, our kids love it. It's a great family activity and one I think will be a sweet memory for them.

Oh yes, and one more reason I love garage sales. I get to sound "green" and use those trendy buzz words...I'm SIMPLIFYING life and RECYCLING our used goods. (But most of those toys were plastic and someone who was REALLY "green" would never have bought plastic toys in the first place...oh whatever. )


Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! I have missed this! Nice work. -whitney

Caroline said...

Totally LOVED garage sales as a kid, and stiil do!! I don't know why it's always been so fun for the family. The other kids and I always had a bake sale and made our own profit. :)