Saturday, October 11, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Here are some funny things we've heard the boys say lately.....

As we're driving by a car lot...

Cal: Mom, why are those cars for sale?
Me: Why do you think they're for sale?
Cal: Because if somebody's car breaks they have to buy a new one.
Brennan: No Cal, people buy a new car when they're getting ready to have a new baby.
*** this has been true in our case, so I didn't really correct him***

At the dinner table....

Brennan: There was a girl teacher in PE today.
Ty/Dad: Instead of your normal teacher?
Brennan: Yea
Ty/Dad: Was she a substitute?
Brennan and Cal: (uncontrollable laughter)
Ty/Dad: What's so funny?
Brennan: you said "toot"
***tyler then had to explain what a substitute teacher was***

Driving past a cemetery the other day....

The boys asked about the gravestones. Tyler explained that when people die we put their bodies into a box and bury it in the ground. Then he explained where their souls go.
Brennan: Are the graves with the flowers the ones where girls are buried?


April said...

Your kids are funny.

Keeya said...

You write very well.