Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You are 3!

Yesterday you turned 3 years old.  Most people mistake you for a 5 year old, but you are still my little cowboy.  It's hard to believe you've only occupied space in our lives for 3 years, it seems like I've loved you forever.  Three years ago yesterday I pushed you into this world, and everyone stood, amazed, around the scale , 10 lbs 1 oz!  Just like your Daddy.  At three years old, you are still a BIG boy.  You're off the growth charts in height and weight.  You like to play with trains, color, play basketball (or just wear basketball clothes), play with Charlotte on the floor, and run around with Brennan.  You are still a bit of a momma's boy and like to hang out wherever I am.  Every night when we tuck you in you ask us to say the "Five Little Angels" prayer and sing "Jesus Loves Me".  I love it when you sing with me.  
For your birthday we went bowling with your cousins.  Per your request, we had a race car cake with blue frosting.  I think you were over stimulated by the bowling alley, but you loved being with your cousins (as always).  Last night we celebrated with a few of your grandparents and chocolate cake with ice cream.    
I love you Calvin Samuel and I count myself very blessed to call you my son.  

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