Tuesday, February 19, 2008

no one told me....

Things nobody told me before having kids.......

no one told me I'd reach into every pocket, in every article of clothing I own, only to find things like match box cars, crusty kleenex, hair barretts, mini basketballs, the paper backing from stickers, pen lids, cheerios, the list is endless.

no one told me little boys like to pee in trashcans just because.

no one told me every surface in my house would be sticky

no one told me diapers are so expensive

no one told me I wouldn't ever sleep through the night again 

no one told me I'd have an audience every time I went to the bathroom

no one told me I'd fight small children for the attention of my husband

no one told me I'd be capable of dragging a kicking, screaming, 3 year old to his bedroom WHILE nursing a baby

no one told me I'd dig for worms to entertain my boys

no one told me I'd have many of Princess Leia's lines memorized

no one told me I'd drink as much coffee as I do

no one told me I'd find dried spaghetti and sauce behind my dinning room shelves

no one told me I'd find my razor in the kitchen, my lip gloss in my closet, playing cards in my shoes, puzzle peices in my bed, diapers (disposable) in my washing machine, again, the list is endless

no one told me it's possible to love my kids as much as I do

no one told me I could be so turned on by my husband playing with our kids

to be continued.......


Ariel Allison Lawhon said...


I totally remember you! I'm glad we've found each other again. You were always someone I wanted to get to know better. I'm a little jealous that you got a girl. I keep trying and ending up with more boys! Great talking to you again.


Ann said...

That is a great post Lindsay. Thanks for the chuckles.