Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Girl is 9 Months Old!

 Miss Charlotte, aka Charlie, is pure JOY!  I cannot believe she's already 9 months old.  Her favorite past times include laughing at her brothers, chewing anything she can get her hands on, sucking her thumb (and sometimes toes), flashing her dimples, being held, "dancing" to music, and trying to pull Calvin's pacifier out of his mouth.  She nurses 3, sometimes 4, times a day, eats big girls food 2 x's a day, and loves Cherrios.  We don't have much of a routine in the morning, every day is different, so she goes with the flow and sleeps when she can.  She takes a great afternoon nap and is ready for bedtime at 7 pm.  She works great on a schedule, but can be very flexible when we need her to be.  She's pretty content to sit and just watch the action, so she hasn't attempted the crawling thing yet.  And honestly, I think it's pretty far off.  She has perfected the "scoot backwards movement" though and we frequently find her under the couch. People often ask us "is she always this happy?" and the truth is, YES, she is one happy girl.  We feel so blessed that the Lord has given us this sweet angel.  


MrsMama said...

She's beautiful. I can't believe she's so big already! Congratulations on such a treasure.

Kiana :)

nearlynancy said...

She is such a joy to be around. Thanks for sharing your children with me! Nancy