Sunday, February 24, 2008

pink stuff

This weekend I packed up all the kiddos for a trip to Target to purchase a birthday gift for our little friend Claire. FYI, Tyler was out of town, otherwise I try never to take all 3 kids to Target...I'm not crazy. Anyway, in the car I was prepping the boys "we're not shopping for us, we're looking for a gift for Claire", and "Claire is a girl and she probably won't want Star Wars toys", and "stay right next to the cart or I'll ring your little...", no, I didn't really go there.

As I'm pushing the cart towards the toy aisles I start to notice there is a pink haze over 2 of the aisles, almost like the black hole sucking us in, only pink. I think I could even smell the color of pink looming around us. I was almost blinded by the amount of sparkles, glitter and various shades of pink. And then I did it, the thing I've never done before, I entered the GIRL AISLE. My boys looked as if we'd just landed on another planet. Their jaws dropped, and then they both turned to me with HUGE grins. They loved it! We spent the next 30 minutes deciding which sparkly, pink thing Claire would like the most. They were so excited about everything and kept asking "mom, what is this?".

I realized my boys and I have A LOT to learn about girl things, but as I looked at Charlotte sitting sweetly in her car carrier, I knew it wouldn't be too far off.

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