Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Donut Conquest

Last weekend I made donuts. That is a strange sentence for me to write. The summer between high school and college I worked in a bakery warehouse and got my far share of the sweet smell of fried, sugary dough. It was enough to keep me from eating donuts for several years. Well these little people I'm surrounded by feel a certain gravitational pull to anything that resembles a donut. So, occasionally, we find ourselves buying donuts on Saturday mornings.

I have to admit my motivation to make donuts was one that involved more conquest than a love for donuts. Could I do it? How hard could it be? As with many new cooking ventures I turned to the Pioneer Woman and followed her recipe. They really weren't that hard! The only problem was they took me way longer than I expected. We had donuts for lunch instead of breakfast. Everyone agreed they were worth the wait though.


Kathryn said...

ok so your donuts look so much better than mine did! mine looked like they all had birth defects or something.... (sigh) there's always next time though = )

Ashley McWhorter said...