Saturday, November 22, 2008

In the Words Of...

Hi my name is Charlotte. Some call me Charlie, Char Char, Char-latte, baby girl, girlie girl, the list goes on. I have the face of an angel but I've got a bit of sass in me :)

I started out life the perfect baby. I slept great, I ate like a champ, and I loved to sit and watch what was going on around me. And really, I still do all those things, but I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. I think I've got just about everyone fooled.

Oh and one more thing. I love my big brother. Really I love both my big brothers. But this one, my big BIG brother, he's really great. I have a hard time keeping my hands off of him. He reads me books and he can make me laugh so hard that I slip into that silent laugh thing where you laugh so hard you run out of air. You know what I'm talking about? It's really quiet embarrassing.

Well, I'd better get going. I've got several things on my "to do" list today.... flushing some toilets, ripping a magazine, drinking out of my brothers sippy cups, hiding toys in my mom's shoes, putting my shoes on, then off, then on, then off know, important stuff!

1 comment:

MooseGirl said...

Don't forget that ever popular nickname - Samantha :)

Still don't know where that comes from but it is just there somedays.