Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What a Different Day

Today has been a very different day from what I thought it would be.

I thought that today I would be induced into labor.
I thought I would be working through some of the worst pain physically possible.
I thought I'd meet this baby inside of me.
I thought I'd know if I had a boy or a girl.
I thought I'd be cuddling my 4th child, memorizing facial features, counting fingers and toes.
I thought my children would be given the gift of a new sibling.
I thought I'd be nursing a baby.

I slept in.
I had a nice, long shower.
I had a lunch date with my husband (and no kids!)
I took a nap.
I made lots of phone calls and answered lots of emails, explaining why there was no baby yet.
I rearranged lots of schedules for the next few days.

Very different indeed.

The hospital called yesterday at 5:00 and bumped my induction back until Thursday. I'll admit, there were some tears. Expectations are a dangerous thing. Then I found some perspective. And to think that all weekend I thought the Lord was teaching me about patience. Looks like there was more to learn {grin}.

So my body has been given a few more hours (about 36 left) to do this on its own. I think I've said it here before, but I'd really love to go into labor naturally instead of being induced. Remember this post? We've tried EVERYTHING you guys suggested :) So far, although there's been lots of contractions, no labor. The good news is the contractions are DOING something. My body is primed and ready to go. So if induction is the end result, it should go quickly.

Here is what I know. God is the author and protector of life. He already knows the story of this child. His plans have not changed. He is sovereign over all things, big and small. Without this, I would be distraught, frustrated, upset at hospitals and Dr's and feeling cheated. But I'm not. My hope lies in Jesus Christ alone and what can go wrong when your hope lies there?

Instead, I will smile at the day(s) ahead and enjoy long showers and bo*obs that are not hard as rocks :)


cdinsdale said...

lindsay! your little basketball needs to just come already.
I am thinking of you often-- if you need anything, I am in lawrence and would love to help!!!
love you,

Leslee Dummermuth said...

Oh how I have been there. I prayed and prayed for Lucy to come. I did not want to be induced. I held out as long as I could, but knew that I needed to make sure we would both be safe...

All it took was one little pill, tucked up there. The smallest amount of drugs in my system for only two hours. And then my body kicked in and about eight and a half hours later (with only about six of true labor), I held my sweet girl in my arms.

It will be great. No matter how your story goes, it will be yours, and it will be great.

Can't wait to hear the news. Can't wait to see which of my name suggestions you picked! = )

Praying for you!!

Katie said...

She was worth the wait, wasn't she?