Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things I Won't Be Buying

The amount of baby gear on the market these days is unbelievable! Even in the 7 years since my first pregnancy, there is noticeably more "stuff" you can buy for your babies. So much of it is comical to me. Here are some things I WON'T be buying for this baby.

This is a diaper wipes warmer, with an adaptor, for your car. Really? I don't even do a wipes warmer in my house, let alone the car.

These are wipes to clean your babies teeth. Ever heard of a washcloth? Or maybe the better questions is, do their teeth really need to be wiped off?

This one really makes me laugh. Or maybe it's the mental picture I get when I picture my husband wearing this. Can you say "overkill"?
This is an electronic timer to keep track of feedings, sleep cycles, diaper changes and more. I do see the merit in this, sometimes these things are hard to remember. But keeping track of this thing and remembering to push the buttons seems MUCH harder to remember to me.
I am a minimalist when it comes to baby gear. I think there is very little that babies actually need. Someday I'll do a post on how we have babies without spending a fortune on them. I refuse to give into the marketing that says I'm a better mother if I spend a lot of money on products. I feel very strongly about this! I do not buy expensive car seats, I don't buy breathable bumper pads, or sanitizers for pacifiers. If you want to buy these things because of the way they look or because you think they will simplify your life, that's fine. But don't buy them because you think they will make your baby "safer" and thus you a better parent. It's a lie! As my momma always says "fear is big business, don't buy into it".


Ashley McWhorter said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!:) If we lived closer to one another, I really think we would be the best of friends!!

BHS said...

This is so true, Lindsay! And, I have only been a mom for a little over 5 weeks. I can already see things that we bought thinking we had to have that we aren't going to use. Ah, marketing to new parents; we are such easy targets!
Good luck with baby #4. Will be thinking of you often.

Sherri Lavender said...

Wow, the wipes warmer with car adapter is CRAZY! I'm with you on the minimalist thing - the marketing for baby gear is nuts!

The electronic timer thing did come in handy for a friend of mine though, who had serious short-term memory problems because of a head injury!