Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Wish List

On the eve of my birthday I thought I'd post a list of things I would love to receive, but won't be asking for! This is the fun kind of wish list. The "who cares how much it costs I can still dream" kind of list.
It's always fun to dream.

This is a painting I saw at Zgallerie the other day. It would be perfect over my mantel. It's HUGE.

Or how about this super cute and quirky cookie jar from Anthropology. It would look great with my "vintage" yellow formica counter tops.

I'm thinking this would allow me to drink Diet Dr. Pepper on the deck and watch the kids play all summer long. Or a least until the first fight breaks out over who's turn it is to go down the slide.

I couldn't find a better picture of this one. See the green leather chair in the back? I want it. Badly. (World Market)

We have several weddings to attend this spring/summer. This little dress from Anthropologie would be perfect.

Here's another from Anthropologie. When I'm postpartum/nursing I love jackets. They hide a multitude of sins (or bulges)!

OK, just one more. With baby #4 on the way cleaning has really taken a back seat in this house. I realized a LONG time ago that I can't do it all, but this gift card would help bring me just a bit closer.

So what's on your dreamy wish list? Maybe it's something I need to add to mine!


Leslee Dummermuth said...

I have that chair on hold!! I'm wanting two of them for the new house and have one on hold at one store and am hoping to get the other one get there this afternoon though and I'm not sure I have the time!

Anonymous said...

I think Tiffany D just got that same green chair-- it was funny she called from World MArket to see what I thought about it (it was on sale that day!!!) KB