Sunday, January 17, 2010

30+ weeks

Well here I am at 30+ weeks. Honestly, I feel A LOT bigger than I look in this picture! True to form (haha, no pun intended) I'm measuring about 2 weeks ahead. I've done this with all my babies. Have I mentioned that I have BIG babies?

I've always been active during my pregnancies, mainly in the form of long walks, but being a Jazzercise Instructor this time around has definitely put new meaning to the word active. As a result I've gained significantly less weight. I gained 35-45 lbs with each of the other kids. This time, so far, I've only gained 20lbs. I've always assumed that the reason I have big babies is because they are genetically predisposed to large birth weights. Tyler was 10lbs 1oz, I was 9lbs. We have lots of big babies on both sides of the family.

But, I've always wondered, how much influence does my weight gain have on my babies birth weight? So far the answer seems to be none. But I've still got several weeks left, so we'll see.
(I should mention that this train of thought does not come from my Dr. She tells me repeatedly that my weight gain is perfectly normal and the result of a heathy diet. She also frequently mentions that women who gain 50+ lbs still have normal, 7lb babies.)

Things of interest (to me):

*My blood platelets are low again. They did the same thing during my pregnancy with Charlotte. If they follow the same pattern, they'll drop too low and my Dr will want to induce at 37 weeks. Although I'd rather not be induced (it makes a natural childbirth harder), it does help me have a smaller baby. Charlotte was only 8lbs 12 oz (tiny for me!) and she was 3 weeks early. Blood platelets cause your blood to clot, very important during childbirth!

* I'd really like a natural (drug free) childbirth again. I did it with Brennan, but had epidurals with both Calvin and Charlotte (I was induced with both of them).

* I still think I'm having a girl.

* I have not purchased one thing for this baby yet! Wow. I need to at least go get a baby girl and baby boy outfit for the hospital.

* The kids have said some very cute things lately about this baby/pregnancy, but I'll have to same them for their own post! Ahhh, the suspense.


Leslee Dummermuth said...

You look so great!

So, now that it has been about a year since we got together, let's get another one on the books before you have that baby.

Tamara said...

Amazing as ever! These are the pics I have been waiting for ;).
I love your spirit about this whole pregnancy. Continue to relax in His arms!

Katie Brown said...

Could you be any cuter?!? Love you!