Tuesday, February 6, 2007

my "little" Cal

Today Calvin had his 2 year old well-child checkup (he turns 2 on the 18th).
And get this.....
Calvin is in the 100% for both his height and his weight!!
Isn't that hilarious?!? He's 39lbs and 3 feet 2 inches tall. People are always commenting on how big he is and he's definitely taller than all the kids his age, but I really didn't think he'd be that high on the scale. It's not like he's ever been "small", considering he was 10lbs at birth I guess I shouldn't be surprised. That's what you get when your daddy is 6'3'' (my family is pretty tall too). It was good to hear that his height and weight are perfectly proportionate. With everyone always commenting on how "big" he is, I often wondered if I needed to be more concerned about his diet. But his doctor reassured me that his weight is perfect for his height.

I'm amazed at the difference between the development of my 2 kids. I'm sure all of you out there with more than one child are not surprised. When Brennan was 2 he was physically well ahead on the development scale. He could run, jump, climb, etc but he didn't talk much at all. In fact I think he only had about 10 words, and wasn't stringing them together. But Calvin, although still quite uncoordinated can talk a mile a minute. This morning when I went to get him out of bed he said something like this "out of bed, go see Brennan, get milk and cereal". They have some similar traits, but really they couldn't be more different.

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