Sunday, February 4, 2007

church mice

I just got the boys in bed and I'm exhausted! We've had a busy weekend and I can tell they're spent too. I was wandering why they seemed a little extra cranky tonight and then realized my boys have been at church, literally, all week...

Wed night (2.5 hrs)
Thurs morning (2.5 hrs)
Fri night (3 hrs)
Sat morning (3 hrs)
Sun morning (3 hrs) and night (3 hrs)

So this is what life is like for kids who's parent(s) work in a church. Some of these times were just participating in the life of the church, others were times we were hanging out with the youth group. I'm not really complaining, and either are they (in fact, tonight they both cried because they didn't want to leave). Of all the places for my kids to spend a lot of time...I'd definitely choose our church. Within those hours they spent at the church, they were loved on by people who love the Lord, they learned about what it looks like to follow Jesus, they played basketball with high school kids, they got chased around by college kids, they read the bible, they learned to share toys and sit and listen to teachers. They spent about 22 hours finding out what it means to find JOY in doing that which pleases God...what more could I ask for?!?!
I do think that tomorrow we'll stay away from Grace EPC (and try to make Tyler do the same)!

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Ann said...

I grew up in a pastor's family and spent all my time in church, too. We had pews, which can use up time walking (running?) through all of them while waiting for parents to be ready to go home. And as you know, I'm still at church a LOT even as a grown-up! (smile)