Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Friday

We're heading into a fun weekend. Today we're headed to the Marble Factory in the KC area with Calvin's class for a field trip. Charlotte gets to go too and is so excited to hang with the big kids. Tomorrow is Calvin's 7th birthday! We have some fun family things planned and he's been discussing all week where he wants to go to lunch because he gets to pick. He actually has a friends birthday party on his birthday. Fun for him but a little strange for me to have him away for a few hours on his birthday! He also gets to go to the KU basketball game on Saturday night with daddy. Fun!
We'll have his birthday party with a couple of friends on Monday since the boys don't have school on President's Day.

Hope you have a fun and/or relaxing weekend planned. I'll leave you with a picture. I'll never catch up on the months I didn't blog but here's a picture of us all from Christmas.

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