Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Mom Of Girls (too)

I think because I gave birth to my boys first, I've always thought of myself as a mom of boys. For my first few years as a mom I knew balls, cars, trucks, dirt, bugs, dinosaurs, striped shirts and khaki shorts, short hair, blue, black, brown. I day dreamed about watching my boys play sports, date girls, I read Bringing Up Boys by Dobson and other boys-centered books. I was a mom of boys.
(Of course there is also a side that is sweet, thoughtful and gentle, but more often than not is ACTION, DIRT, NOISE!)

But now we have these girls. Margo is not yet there, but Charlotte likes things that are pink and sparkly and soft. She speaks of princesses and ballerinas and pretty dresses. When I watch her play with her dolls, I'm shocked at what looks like a natural mothering instinct. She wants me to paint her nails and she wears my jewelry.
(Of course there is also a side that is loud, dirty and loves Light Sabers, but more often than not she is nurturing, sparkly and pretty)

It has taken some time, but I'm slowly beginning to think of myself as a mom of girls. This may seem simple, but it's been a big shift in thinking for my brain. And, I'm liking it.

Tonight Tyler took the boys to a baseball game. It was just the girls at home. Margo did what she does best, sleep, but Charlotte and I had a "girls night!" (in her words). I loved spending time with just her! She sees things through the eyes of a girl and it's so different from my time alone with the boys.

What a sweet thing it is to be a mom to boys AND girls. Thank you, Lord, for the chance to do both.

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Ashley McWhorter said...

I LOVE having both, too! :)