Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stealth Videographer

I've been sneaking around my house with the video camera lately. Here's what I've found....

This first one is aptly named Jazzer-Charlie. I'm a Jazzercise Instructor and work on a lot of routines at home. I walked out of the room one day and left a DVD running. That's when I found Charlotte try her hand at the routine. This girl LOVES to dance!

This second one is of Charlie reading. She does this all day long. Picks up a book and reads to herself. My boys NEVER did this. Every time I see her do this I'm amazed (and reminded, of course, that she must be a genius).



Katie Brown said...

Wow! Too cute!! Sign that girl up as an instructor!

Karie said...

So precious!

Whitney said...

That is the best! She is so cute I can't get over it.