Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Northern Minnesota is beautiful and the weather is perfect. And there's ZERO humidity! We went on vacation with some of Tyler's family and the trip concluded with the annual family reunion (Tyler's Dad's side o' the fam). Our little cabin in the woods was right on the beach. It was a rock beach and the boys tried their darnedest to empty the beach of all the good skipping rocks. They literally spent HOURS throwing rocks into the lake. We had a campfire on the beach every night, a train ride to a nearby small, quaint, town, lots of swimming and lots of napping! The kids also got lots of quality time with Grandpa, Grandma and their Aunts...priceless.

Kids on the beach

Check out the view over Charlie's shoulder

Smores (we let B have them even though they weren't preservative free and we payed for it the next day...uggg!)

Train ride (and Charlie asking for "more")

Our afternoon in Two Harbors

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