Monday, August 25, 2008

Asking Questions

Man, oh man, would I love to have a clue as to what goes on in Brennan's classroom. But, oh no, that would make things way too easy. Last week I tried the whole "come home from school, sit at the table with milk and cookies and talk about your day" thing. Yeah, well, that didn't work. Getting info from this kid is like forcing a baby to fall asleep! Honestly, I hang out with a lot of teenagers and I think they're much easier to talk too!

So these are the types of questions I've resorted to in order to elicit some sort of response from him.....
1. Did anyone get in trouble today? (why?)
2. Did anyone have their shoes on the wrong feet?
3. Did anyone toot in class? (was it stinky?)
4. Did anyone pick their nose and eat it?

These questions get him laughing and then, amazingly enough, laughter turns into....talking!

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