Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Nights

One of the hard things about my husband's job is that he works a lot of evenings. But we try, try, try to keep Thursday nights wide open for doing absolutely nothing. Tonight we were successful. Basketball with Dad outside, yummy dinner, the baby in bed before 7, made cookies with the boys, and now I'm watching Tyler wrestle with the boys on the living room floor. They've moved all the furniture to the edges and the boys are laughing so hard they're drooling on their jammies. The cookies are baking and we'll eat them hot out of the oven before putting the boys to bed. After that there's a bottle of wine calling my name, and yes I'll share with Tyler. I love Thursday nights.

In the sprit of "keepin' it real" here's what else happened tonight. Tyler brought home Juice Stop after work and shared with the boys. This meant sticky drips on my freshly washed kitchen floor. The boys didn't care for dinner, I think their exact words were "this is disgusting". That kind of disrespect called for punishment of course. Making cookies with kids means a huge mess in the kitchen and germy fingers in the dough. While wrestling, Calvin hit his head and will have a lovely bruise tomorrow. Charlotte woke up, I think she's working on some new teeth. But that bottle of wine is still waiting for us, and I still love Thursday nights!

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Anonymous said...


You have the cutest life and I love reading about it! I can't wait to see you guys, Charlotte is already WAY bigger than she was at the holidays!