Monday, May 23, 2011

The Weekend

I keep putting off writing about my weekend at the Pioneer Woman's Lodge because I'm having a hard time putting it into words (sign #1 that I'm not a very good blogger). Not because it was extravagant or mind blowing, but because it was so relaxing and homey.

The lodge is gorgeous. Ree's pictures on her blog are way better than mine! It's spacious, simple, rustic and very welcoming. The best part is the view. I know I'm a Kansas girl at heart when I see a view like this and find it more beautiful than mountains or oceans.

Ree made us dinner on Friday night. She and Marlboro Man (Ladd) and their kids brought the food up to the lodge and ate with us. We had beef tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes, burgundy mushrooms (recipe in her cookbook), caesar salad, bread and for dessert Knock You Naked Brownies.

(Ree and her daughters in the kitchen)
(Ladd slicing the tenderloin)
(The cute couple)
(The mushrooms were AMAZING. But to show you how much butter is in them, here's what they looked like several hours later once they had come to room temperature!)

On Saturday we were spoiled rotten with massages, manicures and pedicures. We didn't even have to go anywhere, two women came out to the lodge and set up shop. We literally lounged around all day taking turns doing these things. Between treatments we would just sit and talk.

We were with such a fun group of people! I talked so much and laughed so hard my cheeks were aching on Sunday evening.
(Me and my sister Kellie)
(Clay and April - they took care of us all weekend)
(Ann and Heide)

(open your eyes, April!)

I've been asked many times this week "so what's she like?". Well, here's the deal. She's completely normal. No diva attitude, no scene stealing personality, and no third eye. She's just like she seems on her blog. She's kind and funny, very easy to talk to, laid back and incredibly generous. You get the feeling that she really is just a wife and a mom who does this whole blog/book thing on the side. Honestly it feels funny to write about her here, but I know you're going to ask {grin}.


Kathryn O. said...

I am so jealous!!!!! I think I have read this post probably 50 times which means one thing... actually two things:

A.) I love your blog and
B.) I LOVE PW!!!! and probably you as well since you are the one who introduced me to her = )

The End.

kathryn! said...

oh and I was about to tell you to POST MORE UPDATES but then I remembered that it was VBS week so you know, I'll cut you some slack until Saturday... maybe.