Friday, June 25, 2010

No More Dora

Dora the Explorer

There will be no more Dora the Explorer in our house. And no it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that "Dora" and "Explorer" don't rhyme and the whole theme song is based on the fact that these 2 words should rhyme. That drives me crazy, but that's not why there will be no more Dora in our house.

Here's why...

First, the set up. I had just come home with the girls from working out. Tyler was gone with the boys. I put Margo down for a nap. I needed a shower. I sat Charlotte down in front of the TV and turned on Dora the Explorer. For those of you not familiar with Dora (dad), it's an interactive kids program. Dora actually talks to the kids/viewers and expects an answer. She's a demanding little thing.

So, I make sure the doors are locked, everyone is safe and I hop in the shower. When I turn off the water, I hear Charlotte screaming! "NOOOOOOO!!!" She's screaming it over and over at the top of her lungs. I grab my towel and practically fall out of the shower, run down the hallway, all the while picturing some stranger in my living room hurting my daughter. No kidding, I really thought someone had gotten in the house and was hurting her (post-partum hormones anyone?).
And there she was, sitting nicely on the couch just where I left her, screaming at Dora. Dora had asked her a question and she was making sure Dora heard her answer.

No. More. Dora.


jeninstl said...

i'm really sorry about your scary experience--but yet i'm so comforted knowing that i was not the only one who experienced crrrraazy post partum hormonal thoughts! i was convinced many times that someone would break in my home in the middle of the night, walk up my creaky stairs and steal my baby right out of her crib and i wouldn't hear a thing. i must have checked on her 1,000 times! whew! glad that's normal! none of my mommy friends had warned me about that one.

Ashley McWhorter said...

Poor, Dora! I don't know if our home could survive with her! ;)